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Which actors movies made the most money

Like The Bank Job, Killer Elite is amongst the least Jason Statham-like Jason Statham movies produced thus far, as a result of a fancy story, sinister political undercurrents, the slightest small nonfiction basis (at least some of the names are true), and strong supporting roles. An extremely protracted fistfight in a darkly lit hospital, where both lead characters have a tremendous beating (but find a way to shake it well inside very next scene), impressive stunts (such as popular parkour), and destructive car chases be sure that the basic aspects viewers expect from Statham are nevertheless present. It’s actually unfortunate that they can’t quite rid himself of those inclusions, although his acting abilities probably couldn’t singlehandedly support a critical drama.

I, like many of you, get frustrated using the politically correct world we live in. It’s hard to understand what you are able to say and what you can do without offending people. Heck, offended groups can’t be consistent so what you say or do today may be acceptable now and offensive tomorrow. But I think the whole issue of smoking has got beyond control. We know smoking is detrimental, but don’t depend on Hollywood to help expand your message. Hollywood is not in charge of raising kids or informing the concept of the risks that individuals may face.

Don’t get me wrong, Megamind provides some decent entertainment (albeit mindless) and is also a moderately amusing movie. However, what seems to be Dreamworks’ answer to Pixar’s The Incredibles falls short because effort with Pixar again showing it’s superiority. And Dreamworks again showing why they’re, the truth is, an undeniable # 2.